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Nissan WiFi and Apps Services powered by Autonet Mobile
Driving is serious business and requires your full attention. Only use Nissan WiFi and Apps Services powered by Autonet Mobile when safe to do so. Only available on select models. See for complete availability details. Never program while driving. GPS mapping may not be detailed in all areas or reflect current road status. Nissan WiFi and Apps Services requires compatible cellular network provided by Autonet, navigation map data, and GPS satellite signal receptions, the absence of which can limit or prevent the ability of the Nissan WiFi and Apps Services. Cellular network and GPS signals not available in all areas and/or at all times. Technology is evolving, and changes to cellular networks provided by independent companies or other third party changes that impact Nissan WiFi and Apps Services are not within Nissan's control. Should a third party or Autonet Mobile terminate or make changes that impact the service, service may be terminated without notice and Nissan shall have no liability. The Apps Services requires compatible smartphone or personal computer, not included with vehicle. Enrollment and Subscription Agreement is required to receive full suite of Nissan Wi Fi and Apps Services through Autonet Mobile. The 90 day trial period for Apps Services begins when the unit is registered with Autonet Mobile; subsequently the respective paid subscription for WiFi is at the then current rate to continue to receive respective services. Terms and conditions of Subscription Agreement then apply. Text rates and/or data usage may apply.